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Over 330 million people speak English as a first language, with over 580 million speaking it as an additional language (Estimate: Wikipedia). But what makes English the international language? It is the official language of the United Nations and aviation. It's the most widely used language in science and on the Internet. If two non-native speakers want to communicate, it's likely they'll do so in English. English the international language helps you learn English for free with our collection of online lessons, resources and advice for learners worldwide.

With around a billion learners of English worldwide (British Council estimate for 2000) and growing, teaching English as a second language is one of the 21st century's major career opportunities, offering unrivalled job security and opportunities to travel to every corner of the globe. English the international language offers resources and advice for new and established English teachers.


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Need Help?

Advice and Tips gives guidance for improving every aspect of your English. Help with listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar.

Choosing an English School

Studying English Abroad

International Friends

Improve your English through real English communication. Some of the best penpal and e-pal sites are listed on our International Friendship page.

Web Resources

A portal to some of the best resources currently available on the Web. Includes resources for learners and teachers as well as online reading material

Teachers Welcome

ESL and EFL teachers are welcome to make use of our resources.

See our articles:

Reported Speech

Reported speech explains how to report what was said without using quotes.

Expressing Rules

Can, must, have to, don't have to; all are explained in Expressing Rules.

The Tenses

The Tenses analyzes each tense in detail and provides online practice.

Online High School Diploma

Enroll for free and earn a high school diploma online with Dalloway School.


Idiomatic expressions are often difficult for learners. Our unique Idiom Buster presents a series of common idioms and and their meanings, then tests your knowledge with a fun quiz.

Common Mistakes

The most Common Mistakes made by learners of English are explained and corrected.

The Reading Room

Practice your reading, improve your vocabulary, and check your understanding of the articles in the Reading Room.

English Dialogues

These dialogues show how English is used in real life situations. Practice with friends and fellow students. Change the situations to match the ones you meet in your life. Have fun.

Buying Clothes - Eating Out - Telephone - Banking - Hotel - Complaining - Selling - Borrowing - Plans and Excuses - Flying - Finding an Apartment - Talking about the Past - Buying Electrical Goods - Reporting a Crime - Preferences - Obligations and Rules


Many learners find listening the hardest skill to master. Our English Listening clips give practice at listening to real life English.

Practice listening the fun way - by listening to songs at eil interactive

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Compelling Conversations
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