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Learn how to speak English fluently from real English dialogues. Learn naturally, just as you learned your native language. This program consists of 100 MP3s with accompanying PDF files so you can learn anywhere, anytime, you want.

We learn best by combining new ideas with our existing knowledge and applying our increasing skills in a variety of ways.

Learning is an active process, and our practice section gives you the opportunity to try out your language in a number of interesting scenarios.

Rosetta Stone English (American) Level 1

Rosetta Stone English (American) Level 1. The world's leading interactive language learning software with proprietary speech-recognition technology. Build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure, master basic conversational skills and receive immediate and ongoing speech assessments. Audio Companion for CD or MP3 player, learning application for iPhone or iPod Touch device, language-enhancing games and live online lessons. Includes headset with microphone

Grammar in Use Intermediate. This highly successful grammar text is known for its clear, concise explanations and innovative format. Ideal for students preparing for the TOEFL test or other standard examinations, the new edition of this popular North American English grammar title offers even more support, with a larger format to include more explanation and practice, eight new units on phrasal verbs, and 10 pages of Additional Exercises. This edition, with answers, can be used in the classroom or for self-study.